43 books, Hardcover, 24 x 30 cm, 17.344 pages, 10 Editions
Art Direction: Johannes Ammler, Alexander Govoni, Carla Streckwall
Graphic Design: Johannes Ammler, Cinzia D’Emidio, Aaron Dawkins, Alexander Govoni, Karolina Leczkowski, Lena Manger, Kevin Moll, Markus Mrugalla, Lorenzo Louis Pradelli, Lucia Sgrafetto, Carla Streckwall, Christophe Synak, Tal Sznicer, Kara Zichittella
I was part of the team that designed an exclusive one-off run of 10 editions of an extensive compendium that contains an important record of recent musical culture from the past 20 years.
The former digital collection has been transformed into a printed format through a bold and flexible layout that adapts to the different types of content.
Photos by Refrakt Studio
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