Co-design, publishing e rigenerazione urbana. Il progetto di una redazione nomade e di un centro culturale indipendente
Co-design, Publishing, and Urban Regeneration. Nomadic newsroom and independent cultural center project.
MA (2nd) project in Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation, Iuav University of Venice, 2018-2019.

La strada del Writing. Un progetto di diffusione culturale e riqualificazione urbana
The Road to/of Writing. A Project of Cultural Diffusion and Urban Renewal
MA Thesis Research in Visual and Multimedia Communication Design at IUAV University of Venice — 2015
Printed on Fedrigoni Freelife gr 120. Softcover, 190 x 245 mm, 204 pages, Italian. 
The research is about the relationship between Writing and media. 
Simultaneously I developed the concept and the design of Combo Magazine.
TipoKe. Teen Mag
Editorial Design Workshop — 2014
Prof. Francesco Franchi with Davide Mottes
Team: Cinzia D'Emidio, Federica Drago, and Ilaria Zomer
Tipo Ke is a weekly magazine for teenagers. We conceptualize the publisher project, we designed the magazine, the app, and the website, and we produced also some content: texts, photographs, and infographics.
Ocio! Caccia alla faccia
Ocio! Face Hunting
Information Design Workshop – 2012
Professors: Emanuela Bonini Lessing and ​Gianluigi Pescolderung. 

This is a game for kids from 8 to 12 years old that stimulates the imagination and reinterprets the space of the city through visual affinities. After training in campo St. Francesco della Vigna, the aim of the game is to find the visual affinities that are hidden in the campi (the Venetian squares) to rediscover these spaces not only as stages of a touristic tour but also as places of encounters for those who live in Venice. 
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