Upcycling Architecture in Italy. Forging and Promoting a Renewed Building Culture aims to contextualize, analyze, re-elaborate, and disseminate the theory and practice of the Upcycling of building materials at the architectural scale. The research project revolves around the concept of Upcycling, and the related principle of Design for Disassembly (DfD), applied to the scale of architectural design and understood as the critical reuse of building materials, capable of avoiding a new entry into the production cycle.
The project is part of PRIN 2022 PNRR. Funded by European Union – Next Generation EU
The concept behind the visual language aims to represent and stage the idea of ​​upcycling.
The typeface chosen is The Future, published in 2022 by Klim Type Foundry. 
The design of the typeface starts from Futura and takes up its geometric architecture and alternative glyphs considered avant-garde at the time, today capable of restoring a high degree of recognizability to the typeface despite being a linear geometric stick. ...Upcycling seeks alternatives!
The space is structured through a rigid layout but is fragmented and reconstructed with the insertion of specific contents.
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